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Blogshares Idea Folders

OK, this is my official post for the benefit of TheBar corp. Comments are welcome.
The most important thing i have ever done to improve my gameplay was to organize my Idea folders. When i realized that owning every single idea in the game AND owning every artefact in the game were two major composite rank factors, i began my journey. After I learned how to build Ideas from the ground up ala Sage Enterprise's wise lessons, it was unbelievably easy to find any idea and effectively build my wealth through trillions of investments in ideas.

My system has evolved over time, and i am constantly rotating ideas in and out of certain folders, creating new folders, renaming them to sort in the best order, etc etc. The maintenance and upkeep of the folders is half the battle, this is a system, not just a one time deal. I will explain the folders in different sets, based on the purpose of them for me. You can do whatever you want, use your own style, names, etc... the purpose of each folder is the important thing to get down.

If you don't know what i mean by industry building, i will try to explain the high-level concept. there is much to learn about making money in ideas, lots of ups and downs to keep track of.... ideas that are green will not always stay green, ideas that are red can always be brought into green, and there are always exceptions to both these rules :) I personally work a wide wide variety of industries, so i have several folders created for my cause. They are always open in separate tabs, and they are always sorted by available so i can buy them as often as possible.

First up....

Main Folder
This folder should be constantly cleaned and cleared of every idea EXCEPT artefacts you have not built. while you are working towards owning every arte and 1 of every industry, you will have a huge influx of ideas that get put in this folder by default. anything that does not have a red A- by it should be moved into the other folders i am about to describe. Cool?

Next, the artes....

Artefact Folders
These folders will contain two things: Artes you have built that are worth a lot and Artes you have built that are not worth anything. Once you deem an 'arte' industry worthy of working, and you have built it, you will move the ideas into the next section of folders. These folders are really for worthless arte storage, and raiding purposes for top valued ideas. if you like holding quantity of artefact ideas that are cheap, in case you have a thing for helping noobs, you can create a 3rd folder for this.

1) Worthless Artes Folder
- you have already built the arte
- they are <> 1M-5M per idea in value (depending on how rich you are)
- you are getting a majority of these ideas by raiding
- you own a small quantity of these after you build (10,001 or less?)

10,001 Folders
These will be two specific folders... some people dont care about owning 10,001 of every idea and some do. But if you want to start building ideas, i would say a good base is 10,001. if the ideas are cheap and not worth it to build, you can store them here in hope of an arte being created in that industry.
1) Worthless 10,001 Folder
- no arte
- you own 10,001 or more
- the price is very cheap or not worth building, you just like having it in case

2) Expensive 10,001 Folder
- no arte
- you own 10,001
- price is in the millions and you are NOT going to work these, unless they are workable :)

Worthless No Arte Folder
The majority of the nickel industries will go in here. Any idea that is penalized with no arte should go in here. Any idea where the #existing is high and the price is low should go in here. these are literally worthless ideas in the game that can never be brought up.

Rare Idea Folders
These folders will contain all the non-arte ideas that are also not on your list of working. The parameters of rare ideas are not scientific, but newly released industries, ideas where the #existing < style="font-weight: bold;">Working Folders
This is all based on you and which ones you want to work. i cannot get into specifics of idea math, but suffice it to say if you know how it works, you are constantly rotating ideas through these folders. Since i cant go into detail, i will just tell you how my cycle works. These are the ones i constantly keep open 24-7, sorted by available, buying them at any point.

1) Working To Transition Folder- Ideas where d2 is high or avg10 is high and you have sold off all but 10,001 (or whatever your base is). dont buy these until its worth it.
2) Working Red To Green Folder- Ideas where you own a lot and you're trying to pull them out of the red. d2 is low and value is high.
3) Working to Profit Folder- Ideas where you own a lot and you're just banking on the price going up up up. once it goes red, you move it into #2 or you sell off and move to #1.
4) Working to Get Some- Ideas you want to work, but you want more quantity before you start working.
5) Working from Scratch- Ideas you want to work, you own a lot of quantity but price is low. perhaps some rares, some artes, low low D2, etc.
Thus endeth the lesson. Hope it was logical. Half of the battle in getting to the top in Ideas is organization. This is a constantly changing and evolving process that works best for you. My first goal was to get a 'marker' for every idea, and when i reached it recently, i realized i could find any idea i ever wanted to. Once i had markers for all the arte ideas, i just constantly went through my Main folder until i owned every artefact. Last but not least, i am always hunting down ideas i deem valuable or ideas i am working to get more value from. it is crucial that my folders are rotated, cycled, maintained, and kept up with. i hope these major points will help you in some way.

Some helpful links that i always have on my front page to accomplish these things include:

Ideas 1 at a Time- this is a link from ideas market of any idea you own 0 of.

Risers- this is a link from ideas market of ideas sorted by price change.

Unowned Artes- this is a link from ideas market of all the artes you dont own. you can show/hide empty to toggle ideas you need and ideas that are actually on the market.

Recent Ideas Drop- this is the most recent drop time. drops are random but usually in the 12-20 minute range.

If you keep these links open when you are:
- Hunting Artes
- Hunting Ideas
- Building Ideas

and you keep open your organized Ideas Folders from above, you will be on top in no time.

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